Mouldings & Trim



AZEK Trim boards, available in trim, solid Cellular PVC sheets, Cellular PVC cornerboards, Cellular PVC beadboard as well as many other profiles.

AZEK Trim products can be worked just like wood – even mitered, routed, and turned on a lathe. For custom applications, AZEK Trim products can be laminated and even heat formed to create curves.


Kleer is impervious to moisture—which means it offers superior durability and low maintenance. KLEER® PVC trim products won’t splinter, rot, delaminate or swell excessively due to moisture. They can even be applied in direct contact with the ground, masonry or other potentially wet surfaces.



Metrie Collections of interior finishing’s, from crowns to Ikons and architraves to interior doors – each element perfectly coordinated and flawlessly proportioned.

C.J. Link provides lumber products, ranging from pine to cedar siding and shingles to redwood to hemlock and Douglas fir. We also distribute prime-coated wood siding, vinyl decking and railing, Homasote building boards and plywood. Where service counts since 1951.



Fypon Moulded Millwork is constructed of urethane foam created by mixing isocyanate and resin. The mixture is kept under pressure in a mould as it expands to any desired shape. The result is a high-density, thermoset material that is perfect for interior or exterior trim.


Pre-finished millwork, ready to be installed, ready to last the life of your home. Nu-Wood’s attention to detail during the casting process results in a product that is ready to install — right out of the box. Nu-Wood is low cost, high quality, maintenance free decorative millwork that improves the appearance and value of your home.