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NPC Sealants

Solar Seal #900 caulking by NPC Sealants is an alternative to silicone and urethane. It’s designed for commercial, industrial and high-end residential use. Formulated for vinyl, fibercement, fiberglass and cedar siding as well as Kynar® coated architectural metals, brick and masonry, sky lights, sun rooms, truck trailers, termination bars and flashing.

Exceptional joint flexibility, full UV protection and is paintable after it skins over in one hour. Designed for all four seasons.

NPC Sealants Products


OSI® QUAD® has the widest range of colors in the industry. Henkel color specialists work with building product manufacturers to ensure a perfect color match.

OSI® QUAD® VOC Advanced Formula Sealant is composed of elastomeric polymers and high quality synthetic resins. Tough, rubbery seal which resists outdoor weather-related elements like water, oxygen, ozone, heat and UV light. The formula skins over in a short time to resist dirt and dust.

When cured QUAD® VOC is paintable with either latex or oil-based paints.

QUAD VOC Advanced Formula Sealant


Caulks, sealants and adhesives used throughout the nation by building contractors, window manufacturers and a significant number of allied industries still account for the majority of Ruscoe sales. Slight changes in formulations to improve product life, flexibility, or to help repel water, air or other materials have been the only changes to a substantial number of products manufactured and marketed by the company.



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